Premium and affordable hosting solutions for all applications including Minecraft!

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    Rock Solid Hardware.

    When your game server needs power and reliability, BlazeServers has your back. We utilize Intel Xeon Processors for reliability, stability and power for all of your hosting needs. Our VPS and Dedicated Server lines are all high performance servers, perfect for Minecraft servers.

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    Blazing Fast and Reliable Network.

    Experience the speed of a Gigabit uplink. When players come pouring in, you need a network ready to handle that in a split second. We built our network so its optimized for gaming. This allows lower latency rates, little to no jitter, and much more.

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    Sleep Effortlessly with 99.99% Uptime.

    Have your server online all day without ever needing to shut it down. With a redundant power and networking system, we can guarantee your server's uptime will be 99.99%. Never have to worry about outages during the middle of the night.

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    DDoS Protected.

    Don't allow someone to take down your server just because they feel like it. You have worked so hard on setting it up and getting the player's attention. Protect your server with our advanced, powerful protection system. We can protect your server from attacks of upwards of 450Gbps and 250Mpps with Anycast support with 8+ unique locations around the world


Try out our high performance Virtual Private Servers. Same features like a Dedicated Server, but for a fraction of the price. Run anything on it such as a Minecraft Server. Get up to 8GB of dedicated RAM and 120GB of SSD storage.

Only $10/GB!

Dedicated Servers

Have the entire machine to your server! With a Dedicated Server, you are sharing with no one. This allows you to customize your machine's specifications, settings and so much more. This solution is recommended if you want the best experience.

As low as $125/mo!

Voice Servers

Host your very own voice server and chat with your friends on a clear quality network without any jitter or hiccups. Choose between TeamSpeak 3, Mumble and Ventrilo for an extremely affordable and competitive price.

As low as $0.20/slot!

For all Anthrocraft Players:

Use the promo code "ANTHRO" during checkout to get 15% OFF for LIFE (never expires) on ANY BlazeServer's services.