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Well, I finally got around to resetting my password which I had forgotten. I also took it upon myself to delete the, uh, movies, from the General Discussion Forum.

So... how's everyone doing?
by LeCole at 10:47 AM
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Hey y'all.
by Healings at 6:52 PM
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Hello everyone,

Long time, no see. There are thoughts on the horizon about a possible revival.

I have never told anyone this before, none of the old staff, Cole, no-one; I have saved a backup of every map of Anthrocraft ever created, including the infamous, 5.0.

Things would be different this time around. I am just looking to see who still lurks these forums, just a simple comment or like is enough. With a positive mindset, we may be able to bring this family back together.

- Healings
by LeCole at 4:10 PM
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I've been thinking about starting a server for a while, now that I actually have the opportunity to do so, should I?

ok thx
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by Ashlei at 10:11 PM
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Hello, Anthro (or what's left of it).
It's safe to say that the server is pretty much finished... I'm not sure what staff members or players are left since I've been extremely busy with college. All I can say is that I want to say thank you to everyone; I have met a lot of great people while being here. Some of my best memories of Anthrocraft include meeting all of you and joking around for hours while I should have been doing homework. Although a lot of people were a major pain in my ass (omgomgomg Ashley cursed!) and constantly tried to hit on me, a lot of you guys were great, kind, and made me feel at peace with myself. I'm really serious though haha. You all were great. Keep doing you.
I'm sure that you guys do not care why I haven't been on, but I am going to tell whoever has the heart to read this the reason. I'm currently in my first year of college/university/whateveryourcountrycalls it. I'm competing for the nursing program at my university, where only 60 kids are accepted...
by LeCole at 5:42 PM
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I've decided that my time has come. It's time to move on. I've been contemplating this for a little while now and I've finally made my decision. Thank you to everyone for providing me with this tremendous experience. It was an honor to work here throughout the years.

So, I decided that it'd be pretty interesting to go through the time I've spent on Anthrocraft, bit by bit. This'll be pretty long, so grab your popcorn.
It was 2011. I was merely just another Minecraft player, enjoying the Multiplayer mode. However, I spent the vast majority of my time on my favorite server that I've ever played, ColeCraft - and no, I was in no way affiliated with the ownership or naming of this server. I was happily building my "mansion" - something I was quickly becoming quite proud of. It consisted of sandstone and a whole lot of glass. (I know, it sounds fabulous). I got to the roof, and it quickly became clear to my that a sandstone roof looked like crap. So, I reached out to my...
by LeCole at 7:17 PM
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Anthro X will open on Thursday at 7:00 PM (EST) to a maximum of 25 (whitelisted) players. This allows for bugs to be exposed to ensure that we can fix them before the full release on Friday at 5:30 PM (EST). I'm once again conducting an application process to be able to play on the server. However, you will just fill out a short format and send in your app as a reply on this thread.

Your current IGN (do not change it before the opening):
Your age:
When you first joined Anthrocraft:
Please list all of your past bans/offenses (this will be checked):

The server will be open from Thursday at 7:00 PM (EST) - 11:00 PM (EST)
If you have not joined the server by 8:30 PM, you run the risk of having your slot given to someone else!

All server rules and regulations still apply during the testing period. If you are not compliant or become an issue, you will be removed from the server until the full release on the following Friday. Oh, and keep it mind that this...
by LeCole at 5:40 PM
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Hey guys!

(And no, I'm not dead).

I wanted to inform everyone that the team as well as myself is working on a new version of Anthro. Technically, we can label the first version of Anthro X as a beta, as this map will be an overhaul of the previous one. Everything wrong with the previous map has been/is being fixed and more awesome things are being added.

A short current change log (that obviously isn't completed) is as follows:

- a redesigned and more FPS-friendly spawn
- a reworked economy
- connection lag is fixed/will be fixed
- hit detection and PvP delay is drastically improved
- kits are buffed
- /disguise is making a comeback ;)
- instead of enchantment tables (which may be disabled), you buy all enchantments from an enchant shop (making the server less pay to win and requiring more effort, but also allowing us to buff the donor kits/server itself)
- increased PvP rates throughout the entire server
- improved cannons, base building
- corrected /sell and adding /buy
by Vizard at 3:37 AM
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Hello again,

Recently there have been some changes to the staff team (promotions).

Here is the new staff team, with the newest staff members' names in red.

Helpers: McToasty_, Unholyadonis, PsychoHunter
Moderators: ImAPinger(LeChristopher), Acrolect, Pulverate
Admins: Vizard, Ashlei
Co-Owner: LeCole
Owner: Healings

Feedback on current staff.
Inappropriate comments/trolls will be removed.

(Copy & Paste)